Yea, Man, Got Any Spare Carrots?

Easter has come and gone and with it, the Easter Bunny has some downtime. Who doesn’t love a fluffy bunny? Clearly the DEA has taken their love of the  long eared creature to a level we never imagined with concerns of not just being road kill but genuine concern for their addictive tendencies. No, not to carrots but weed. According to Matt Fairbanks, veteran DEA agent in Utah, among the environmental concerns would be “rabbits develop a taste for it”.  This is a bunny love we haven’t seen before. Why be concerned with ailing cancer patients and racist incarceration rates when the DEA thinks medical marijuana will get  Mr. whiskers getting high? Keep it moving folks, this is a red state, no wasteful government spending here. I wanted to believe this weren’t true that it was a quote out of context but have a listen to the testimony here: This man clearly knows what’s best for you and for bunnies.

Wasteful DEA Spending
This is just the kind of red herring drug policy that keeps people sick. Policy to create recession proof government agencies with no defined role or purpose. The DEA is struggling to justify its existence if stoned bunnies are worthy of comment. What isn’t the GOP all over this? Aren’t they opposed to big wasteful government? Could there be more wasteful government that protecting rabbits? Maybe it’s not even protection, maybe the rabbits like it and it doesn’t harm them? Nice work DEA.