As founder of thefix.com, Joe has become a nationally recognized speaker and media commentator on the subject of addiction and recovery. He brings a unique perspective to the age-old problem of what to do about intoxication. He is available for panel discussions, keynote addresses, facilitating school information nights, and treatment facility events. Joe believes that addiction and recovery are complex issues with no easy answers and subjects we don’t talk about nearly enough. This is particularly true with young populations. Candid conversations with high schoolers and college populations can be challenging. They are a difficult population to engage, and if they feel lectured to, there isn’t much chance of success.

Some topics Joe can address:

  • Alcohol and sexual assault, steer clear.
  • Harm reduction, staying safe (for college audience).
  • Addiction, recovery, and media.
  • Staying sober on campus, can it be done?
  • Harm reduction as public policy.
  • When does partying become pathology?
  • What every parent needs to know about substance use in the modern age.
  • Alcoholism and family court.
  • Collaborating with judges for best possible outcomes in seeking treatment alternatives.
  • Sentencing reform and mass incarceration.

Joe will tailor a talk, panel discussion or Q & A specific to your individual issue and audience.

See Joe’s Ted Talk: