Narcotic Detection Dog Screenings

Why live in wonder and speculate? Let Joe’s narcotic detection dog solve the mystery and end the debate. All people who interact with a person suffering from addictive disease manifest a degree of uncertainty. “Mik” isn’t clouded by emotion, and he either detects the presence of a substance or he doesn’t. Mik is a highly trained black lab who can detect any narcotic. Once the problem is empirically known, it can be addressed. Mik was trained to work in customs and spent the first half of his career in law enforcement. While a narcotic detection dog may seem intimidating, Joe thinks of Mik as a therapeutic tool. Mik can provide a data point for people to make decisions about recovery. Any information gathered is solely for the use of the individual seeking it. The information is never reported to any law enforcement agency. Mik can screen schools, offices, homes, or any environment that might be of concern. Please note: there are travel limitations with this service.

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