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As a sober companion, Joe Schrank has worked with countless clients – infamous and wealthy – but he became closest to comedian Greg Giraldo. For years Joe tried to help Greg with his drug and alcohol issues, but the relationship became more personal than professional over time. Then Greg died and Joe has never been the same. And he’s learned what you can’t do for someone else.

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White People Go to Rehab, Black People Go to Jail

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I’ll Ask Joe: Are Some Treatment Methods Total Bullshit?

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Legal Cannabis: Does it Intersect with Recovery?

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Remedy Recovery: Cannabis as an Exit Drug

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A Dog Rejected by the Police Finds Her Calling Helping Drug Rehab Patients Stay Clean

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Boys Will Be Boys With Beer: America’s Real Blackout Problem After Brett Kavanaugh

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I’ll Ask Joe: Are Sober Companions Just For Desperate Celebrities?

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Demi Lovato: Why Her Day Out Of Rehab Is A ‘Good Sign’ For Her Recovery — Addiction Expert Explains

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I’ll Ask Joe: Will I Overdose If I Go To A Sober Living Facility?

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Pharmaceutical Company Behind OxyContin Patents Treatment for Opioid Addiction

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Ben Affleck Enters & Exits Rehab – Can He Be Saved?

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‘A softer landing’: Cannabis offers potential solution for opioid crisis


This Rehab Center Helps People Get Off Drugs By Getting Them Onto Cannabis

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Joe Schrank on Opiate Addiction, Relapse, and Cannabis’ Role in Rehab

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Better Sober Living Through Pot?


Narcotics Detective Dog, Sniffs Out New Career Path

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How Cannabis Can Help Solve America’s Opioid Crisis

Reversing the Stigma Part 3:

The Recovery Movement, Medication Assisted Treatment, Recovery Stories


The Anonymous People – Official Trailer

Contact Joe about screening this film in your community.

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