Crisis Management

Anyone who has ever cared about someone with an addictive behavior problem knows too well the aching feeling that somehow became normal. For parents, the sleeplessness and waiting for the phone to ring in the middle of the night can be harrowing. Spouses and children live with an endless trail of broken promises. Like all things health-related, being proactive is a better approach to managing addiction, but very few people do that. Unfortunately, the crisis almost invariably occurs, and when it does, it is daunting to handle. Joe is available to jump in and stabilize the situation. When confronting arrests, car accidents, and overdoses, how can friends or family know the best course of action in the mire of pain, fear, and confusion? The answer is, they can’t. With nearly 20 years of experience and a social work background, Joe can negotiate the most complex systems at the most critical times. From emergency rooms to jail, court rooms, and hotels, Joe can help get your loved one to safety and you to peace of mind.

Overdose and Hospitalization Management

When a hospitalization happens, it’s very difficult to manage the moving pieces, including doctors, nurses, and social workers, and that’s IF the individual lands in a good hospital. Oftentimes, families are left in waiting rooms and ushered away with little or no information and minimal investment in what happens after discharge, other than covering for liability. Hospital staff, while dedicated and well meaning, have little investment regarding post-hospitalization referrals. They frequently act on limited information for referrals in order to close the case. All this occurs while the family is consumed with fear and worry. Joe can manage the situation with you, providing support and knowledge to ensure the best quality of care and, more importantly, while also mapping out and executing next steps. Very often, the best case scenario is to go directly from the hospital into treatment. Capitalizing on a bad situation and turning it into a good outcome requires experience and skill, which families don’t have.

Helping to Navigate from Arrest to Recovery

Similar to a hospitalization is an arrest. It’s one of the big fears when drug use is involved. With all the rhetoric regarding “disease” and health, America is still deeply invested in incarcerating our way out of the addiction problem. People who use illicit substances are vulnerable to arrest. Navigating bail, arraignment, and what comes next IS a legal issue and one that requires legal counsel. It is also an emotional and practical issue requiring skills many lawyers do not have. More and more, judges and district attorneys are open to treatment alternatives. This can be a very positive outcome where an individual not previously open to treatment will consider it when a legal entanglement is the alternative. Joe is skilled and experienced with the entire process from arrest to recovery. Of course, every situation is different and requires an initial assessment and plan.

When addled by addiction, the individual functions at a very low level and is highly susceptible to all kinds of crisis level situations. Whatever it is, Joe can handle it and be there with you every step of the way.