Pop culture wants us to believe that an intervention is tantamount to a family reunion or surprise party where everyone reads a letter and cries, then the subject patient is whisked away to treatment. Rarely, if ever, does this happen. Joe has a proven success record of facilitating interventions for corporate and family systems, working toward the best possible outcome. Every system is different and no one approach will be right for all people. Joe will facilitate extensive interviewing of all concerned parties to chart the best course for your individual needs.

The First Steps of an Intervention

Making the decision to conduct an intervention is never easy. Many question must be addressed. What will it mean? Will it permanently damage the existing relationship? What happens if the patient refuses treatment? These are all questions to be answered in an initial phase. This can happen by phone, Skype, or if possible, face to face. Very often, by the time a family decides it’s time to formally intervene, they are operating on pure emotion. Joe will act as the crucial voice of practicality, helping steer through the land mines to reach the best possible outcome.

Choosing the Right Treatment Facility

The selection of a treatment experience is a critical element of preplanning. Questions about rehabilitation loom, and the rehab industry is often reckless and unethical. Selecting treatment based solely on websites is risky at best because all websites tend to be similar. Speaking with an admissions counselor can be like talking to a time-share salesperson. With extensive experience over many years, Joe will aid the selection of an appropriate setting that offers the greatest chance of success. All treatment centers with which Joe collaborates are legal, licensed, and ethical. None has a financial arrangement with Joe. One of the secrets of the rehab business is that fees can often be negotiated. This is not always the case, but it never hurts to try.

Making an Intervention Plan

Once the decision to intervene is made and the treatment center is selected, what happens next? The next step is a comprehensive interview process to gather information and craft the best plan. It may look like a group discussion, but it could appear to be something much different. There are instances of having to find the individual and then meeting the person in their office, their home, or another location entirely. While many intervention models exist, the only one that matters is the one that will move your loved one in a positive direction.

Once the plan is made and the stage is set, the execution comes into play. An ideal outcome occurs when the individual accepts help. Joe can travel with the individual to the treatment site, ensuring a safe and seamless transition to quality care.